Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Funday

by Mandy

You're probably not quite sure what this picture is. Let me clarify. This is 16 pounds of ham. It is 16 pounds that I am no longer carrying around on my body.

When I started this blog with Sandy, I'd already lost about 10 pounds. As you know, I've had a hard time staying motivated over the past few weeks, so I kept yo yo-ing back and forth between those ten pounds.

I've found my 'zone' now. With my mother finally called back to work, she's feeling more motivated. With my trip in July creeping closer, I'm feeling more motivated. I think the spring weather has been helping too. It's easier to go outside for a walk when it's bright and sunny and warm.

Last Wednesday when I got on the scale...I'd finally recovered the 10 pounds I'd originally lost. I tried to look at that as making myself a fresh slate. It was time to stop harping on the days I didn't eat well...and look ahead with optimism and strength.

I've been exercising like a fiend. Now I'm sure I didn't actually lose 4 pounds between Wed and Today. Although maybe I did...with the atrocious amount of calories I've been eating, I'm sure just cutting back on the calories did a number on my metabolism. Either way, I must say...looking down at the scale and seeing 276 instead of 280 made me so excited.

My mom and I have been talking about Easter. We've decided that each of us can pick out 2 reasonably sized treats for or nonfood. I think it's better that way. Sometimes we'll set aside 'cheat days' once a month...and when that day comes up...we don't actually want anything but feel pressured to take advantage of the opportunity. I think that leaves us feeling conflicted and leads us to eat more. So this year....I could decide to get two small cadbury eggs, or one cadbury egg and a book, or two books.

This will be a step, I learning not to reward myself with food so much.

Thank you so much for reading this blog. Your support means the world to Sandy and I.

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